Le Game is a platform for hip hop events. The goal is to centralize the entire dance community in one place. With an account, you can easily register for each event.

Since 2015

At that time, I just wanted to create a tool to make hip hop events more fluid and also understandable for the public.

Young Battle
Feb. 2016

The first event where I introduced online registration / check-in for the dancers and display for the audience during the event

Battle R1R2 Start
Nov. 2016

The first event where I introduced a new voting system with tablets.
From an idea of Zid, this battle was like a video game experience.

Event after event, my judging system was more complete and could manage many things : preselections, battle, choreographic contest, ...

In 2019, I started to work with Yugson to digitalize the Hawks Method.

Today, I work with many events around the world.

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